River Country BP101 Bear Paws Meat Handlers

By River Country



Bear Paw Products

Length: 4in
Width: 4.5in

The Bear Paws handle everything from full size hams to steaming turkeys. All you need to do is firmly hold and lift heavy meats from the pan to the platter. The Bear Paws also will hold cooked meats in place while carving, or you can use the bear claws to shred your meats. Very useful for Roasts, Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Meatloaf, Steaks, Ham, Pork and more. Bear Paws can even toss and serve pasta, slaw, and salads of every variety and even shred meat with ease. Natural grip Stay-cool handles Super sharp Extra strong Top shelf dishwasher safe Claws are 1 1/2” long