Midwest Tropical AP-5S Aqua Palm Indoor Bubbling Palm Tree Floor Lamp

By Midwest Tropical



Light Bulb
(1)13w Quad Tube GX23-2 CFL

Aqua Palmâ„¢

Height: 62in
Length: 60in
Width: 60in

Add luminescence and dimension to any home, office or commercial space with the Aqua Palmâ„¢ Indoor Bubbling Palm Tree products from Midwest Tropical Inc. These graceful palms are the next best thing to living in the tropics! Constant streams of dazzling bubbles trace the contours of this striking aquatic sculpture. Illuminated from within the tree's trunk, this palm tree reaches over 5' tall. The clear acrylic sculptured trunk is illuminated from within, and each trunk comes with four color filters (blue, magenta, green, and orange) pump, and light. Change them as often as you change moods! Complete with acrylic planter base, silk palm fronds, and a patented aerator system.