Emsco 2284 WaterStones 40-gal Rain Barrel

By Emsco




Height: 30.125in
Length: 18.5in
Width: 29.5in

Waterstones 40-Gallon Rain Barrel The Rescue® WaterStones™ Rainwater Collection System is both earth-friendly and money-saving. By reducing dependency on the water from municipal sources the energy demand for purifying water used for yard and garden purposes is reduced. Collecting rainwater eliminates strain on wells and water systems during drought conditions, and you save real dollars by reducing your monthly water and sewer bills. Combining design with function, the Rescue® WaterStones™ Rainwater Collection System have a natural stone appearance – compatible with most home and garden decors. 40-gallon capacity Easy to install / Convenient to use Includes a downspout diverter kit that fits a 2in x 3in or 3in x 4in downspout Will fill 55 gallon rain barrel in 2 to 3 hours during a moderate rainfall. WaterStones can be linked together to gather a maximum amount of rainwater Can be connected to a soaker hose for convenient automatic watering of nearby plants/gardens Convenient-to-use hose Durable, UV-stable resin Linkable in groups of two or more Fact: The average person uses 100 gallons of water a day. For every inch of rainfall on a 1,000 sq. ft. roof you can collect approximately 600 gallons of water Advantages for plants: Soft, pure, chemical-free rainwater maintained at proper ambient temperature helps plants grow vigorously. Cold, chlorinated water from most tap systems can shock plants and slow growth Convenient downspout water diverter channels rainwater from teh downspout to the water collection reservoir and elminates resvor overflow