Myterra Hardware C4 4-in New Jade Gemstone Cabinet Pull Knob

By Myterra Gemstone Hardware




New Jade

PVD Brass

Width: 1.25in
Overall Height: 1.75in
Height: 0.75in
Diameter: 1.25in
Center to Center: 4in

4" New Jade Gemstone Cabinet Pull KnobUnique cabinet and furniture knobs bejeweled with gem and mineral stones from all over the world, each a unique creation of Earth's art with natural variations in pattern and hue. Myterra's New Jade are translucent yellow-green to light green, opaque at times that are lighter than China Jade, often with nuances of white. Each knob comes with two 1" screws Stone spheres approx 1.25"Dia Clean with water and mild soap only, no chemicals .75" inside finger grip Note: The gemstones used in Myterra’s products are natural elements of the earth, not manufactured, and therefore will exhibit some differences in size and patterns from stone to stone. While exact matching is not guaranteed, when multiple products within the same stone choice are ordered, Myterra will strive to ensure that the order is completed with the most similar stones available at the time of order.