Ambiance by Sea Gull 9485 Accent Disk Under Cabinet Light

By Ambiance by Sea Gull



Brushed Nickel

Diameter: 3.13in
Height: 0.9in

Ambiance Disk Lighting System Polycarbonate housing with Satin Aluminum reflector for diffused illumination. This low profile light may be surface-mounted or recessed into as little as 0.75" thick material without boring through. 24° beam spread. Complete with 36" 18/2 cord. Accepts one 8, 12, or 18w 12/24v Wedge base Xenon T5 bulb. Surface mount ring and mounting screws included or a 2.75" diameter hole may be drilled for recessed mounting. Integral faceted, anodized aluminum reflector maximizes light output. Glass shield not required for UL listing. Accessory trims available for a variety of lighting effects, please see the accessories. Well suited for commercial and residential applications.Note: For use with Class 2 Transformer or select 9488 fused plug for Class 1 Transformer.