Yosemite Home Decor Stone Products Georgia-B Vessel Sink

By Yosemite Home Decor



Natural Black Granite


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BackToFront: 16in
Height: 4.75in
Width: 18in
Weight: 50lbs

Georgia Zen Vessel Sink Yosemite Home Decor’s Georgia Zen Cut Vessel Sink is made of polished granite stone. This granite vessel sink is essentially hand carved; however, the help of some modern tools like small diamond saws and handheld polishing tools have been employed.  Because it is hand carved, you can expect small variations in the size and shape of the Georgia sink. Generally, a size allowance of a quarter of an inch to an inch is given. Hand carved from a single piece of natural stone To maintain the beauty of your natural sink, wipe after use with a soft cloth. In addition, clean regularly with granite or marble cleaner Stone surfaces can be easily etched by cleaning products containing acids. Clean, polish and seal only with products meant for natural stone materials Centered 1.5'' drain placement Chamfer polished edges Note: Stone is acquired from different areas of a quarry, meaning the coloration of the actual bowls will vary from the picture shown.