Elkay EFDA Deluxe Floor Model Fountain without Refrigeration

By Elkay



Stainless Steel

BackToFront: 14.5in
Height: 41.5in
Width: 18in

Deluxe Floor Model Fountain without Refrigeration Self-contained floor model. Non-pressurized tank system is standard. Non-pressurized water tank is located after bubbler valve, so that tank is subject to line pressure only when valve button is pressed. No Lead Design: This drinking fountain complies with the lead-free definition in the safe drinking water act of 1986 and lead contamination control act of 1988. CONSTRUCTION: Fountain Top: One piece stainless steel top, polished to a uniform Elkay bright luster finish. Exclusive Cascade basin, tested most splash-resistant, features multi-level deck design with a built-in vandal-resistant strainer. Exclusive Flexi-Guard® Safety Bubbler**: Innovative design utilizes a pliable polyester elastomer to prevent accidental mouth injuries. Flexes on impact, then returns to original position. Strong. Abrasion-resistant. Anti-sweat. Meets UL requirements and all sanitary codes. Removable Panel: Removable front panel offers easy accessibility to interior. Cabinet: Cabinet design allows for flush to wall mounting or free standing.