Elkay EDFB12C Fully Recessed Package Drinking Fountain

By Elkay



BackToFront: 10.688in
Height: 32.5in
Projection: 0.5in
Width: 19in

No Lead Drinking Founation Fully Recessed Wall Mount #18 gauge, type 304, nickel bearing stainless steel wall drinking fountain designed to meet all sanitary codes. Unit has embossed bubbler pad and built in stream splitter. Finish is hand blended to a lustrous satin finish. Furnished complete with Flexi-Guard® safety bubbler, fully assembled front push bar, patented valve and in-line flow regulator (20 to 105 psi.), and domed strainer. No trap furnished. No Lead Design: This drinking fountain complies with the lead-free definition in the safe drinking water act of 1986 and lead contamination control act of 1988. Elkay Drinking Fountains are manufactured with a waterway system utilizing copper components and completely lead-free material. These waterways have no lead because all leaded materials, such as leaded brass, have been removed. This drinking fountain is classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. in accordance with ANSI/NSF61, Section 9-1997b. This drinking fountain complies with the requirements of A.D.A.(Americans with Disabilities Act) when rim of fountain is mounted 34" from the floor or less and proper clear floor space is provided. Construction: Exclusive Flexi-Guard Safety Bubbler: Innovative design utilizes a pliable polyester elastomer to prevent accidental mouth injuries.  Flexes on impact, then returns to original position.  Strong.  Abrasion-resistant.  Anti-sweat.  Keyed in location to prevent rotation.