EZ Living Home P202C2 Honeycomb Couch Pet Bed

By EZ Living Home






Height: 10in
Length: 31in
Width: 25in
Weight: 5.75lbs

Honeycomb Couch Pet Bed Inspired by the beehive, the honeycomb shape is known to represent longevity, expansiveness, and celestial powers. EZ Living Home enhances this nature mosaic by combining it with a diamond motif, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing geometric pattern. In addition to design beauty, the quality of EZ Living Home pet beds is first rate, using 100% cotton canvas/twill. These natural fibers are breathable in the hot summer, renewable to be Eco-friendly, soft to the touch and sturdy enough for daily wear and tear. The Couch Bed is constructed with bolster pillows around the super fluffy bottom cushion to give your pet the feeling of security and comfort. A non-skid bottom creates traction and reduces slipping. Whether aged or young, your pets will love the bed for the gentle joint support and the relaxing comfort. For your peace of mind, the fabric is water-repellent and can hold liquid without seeping through to give you extra time to respond to the accidents. Update existing home decor with EZ Living Home's Honeycomb Series pet beds and home accessories. The uniform appearance of this geometric pattern soothes the eyes and generates a sense of balance to the room. Care Instructions: Machine washable; bottom cushion cover unzips for easy removal.