Old Dutch International 1024GW 26-oz Greek Wine Cast Iron "Kamakura" Teapot with Stand

By Old Dutch International



Height: 6.75in
Length: 8.25in
Width: 7in
Weight: 4.5lbs

26 Oz. Greek Wine Cast Iron "Kamakura" Teapot with Stand The "Kamakura" Tetsubin Teapot with Stand Set includes a purple 26 oz. teapot along with a custom designed stand which protects your table from heat and moisture, as well as acting as a display stand when your teapot is not in use. Tetsubin (pronounced tet-SUE-bin) are Japanese-style Cast Iron Teapots; Graceful, elegant vessels for brewing and serving tea. In Japan, Tetsubin are treasured family heirlooms, handed down through the generations. Tetsubin are considered the best vessels for tea brewing, as the cast iron distributes the heat evenly to extract the full flavor and health benefits of the tea. Furthermore, their heat-retaining properties keep tea at proper serving temperature for up to an hour. Hand-crafted using specially purified iron and lined with durable porcelain enamel Includes a stainless steel infusing basket for convenient brewing of loose tea Made of FDA approved materials and certified lead-free