Ginsu Cutlery 07133 Chikara Signature 19-Piece Cutlery Set

By Ginsu Cutlery



Chikara Signature

Height: 15in
Length: 9.13in
Width: 7.04in

Chikara Signature 19 Piece Cutlery Set Signature Series blades are forged from Japanese steel that is well known for its stain and rust resistance, strength and its ability to hold an incredibly sharp edge. Traditional Japanese-style handles are made of heat and water resistant resin and fit smoothly into your hand. The Japanese steel tang extends through the entire handle for precision balance. All Chikara blades come with the ideogram "Chikara" (meaning "power, strength, capability") tastefully etched into the steel endcap on every handle. Set Includes: 8" Chef's Knife 8" Slicer 8" Bread Knife 7" Santoku Blade 6" Nakiri Cleaver 6" Boning Knife 5" Utility Blade Eight 5" Steak Knives 3.5" Paring Knife Shears Honing Rod Beautifully Grained Bamboo Block