Ginsu Cutlery 05253 Koden Stainless Steel 14-Piece Cutlery Set

By Ginsu Cutlery



Koden Stainless

Height: 15in
Length: 8.15in
Width: 4.15in

14-Piece Cutlery Set Ginsu's serrated blades in the Koden Series perform as accurately as fine edged professional cutlery with the added convenience of never needing to be sharpened! The blades have exclusive Symmetric Edge Technology that integrates identical serrations on each side of the blade for a straight, even cut. The uniquely scalloped dual-edged blades prevent the tearing of food like traditional serrated cutlery, resulting in a perfect edge that easily slices through all types of food, including meats, breads, cheeses, fruits and vegetables. Perfect for left and right hand users Each triple-riveted handle is beautifully shaped and ergonomically designed to fit smoothly into your hand The full stainless steel tang extends through the entire handle for perfect balance and ensures the durability of your cutlery Set Includes: 8" Chef's Knife 8" Slicer 5" Vegetable Knife 4.5" Utility Knife Six 4.5" Steak Knives 3.5" Paring Knife 5" Santoku Blade Shears Beautiful Black Storage Block