Chef'sChoice 0250100 M250 Diamond Hone® 3-Stage Hybrid® Knife Sharpener

By Chef'sChoice



Height: 3.75in
Length: 8.9in
Width: 3in
Weight: 2.29lbs

Diamond Hone® 3-Stage Hybrid® Knife Sharpener 3-Stage sharpening and advanced Hybrid® technology are combined in this compact, easy-to-use sharpener that features both electric and manual stages and 100% diamond abrasives to quickly apply a super sharp, arch shaped edge. Ideal for all quality knives including fine edge and serrated, kitchen and household as well as sports and pocket knives, the M250 creates a triple bevel edge using three successive stages. The first and second stages are electric and use 100% diamond abrasives for shaping and sharpening the first two edge bevels. Stage 3 hones and polishes the third bevel using ultra fine diamonds for a razor sharp, arch-shaped, professional edge that is stronger and more durable than conventional V-shaped or hollow ground edges. Since it is the manual stage, Stage 3 can be used anytime, and anywhere without power! Engineered and assembled in the USA