Rachael Ray Suction Lids (Set of 3)

By Rachael Ray




Set of Three Suction Lids For those who hate wasting food but are just too full for one more bite, Top This!™ is the perfect solution. This 3-pack of suction lids will fit on a variety of flat-topped containers and, with their airtight seal, will keep anything fresh including the last bit of tuna salad or the leftover sausage, pumpkin and Arborio soup from yesterday’s lunch. These Top This!™ suction lids from Rachael Ray™ are perfect for saving delicious recipes and stretching them into more than one meal The airtight seal is great for storing in the fridge or freezer, and they can also be used while prepping any meal to keep ingredients warm and fresh The small lid fits on containers 7-inches or smaller, the medium lid is perfect for containers 9-inches or smaller and the large lid covers containers 11-inches or smaller for a variety of convenient storage options Lids are microwave safe, freezer safe, heat resistant and top rack dishwasher safe for convenience Set includes: One 7-1/2-inch Small Suction Lid One 9-1/4-inch Medium Suction Lid 11.5-inch Large Suction Lid