Earthquake 26750 Viper Vector Compact Front-Tine Rototiller

By Earthquake



Weight: 90lbs

Viper Vector Compact Front-Tine Rototiller The new Earthquake VECTOR Compact Tiller has been engineered to deliver exceptional smoothness and control when tilling. Compact tiller that offers ultimate maneuverability and balance with the power of a full-size model Designed with low center of gravity, a unique frame, and small footprint that makes it incredibly controllable and stable Depth control with drag stake, which also acts as a pivot point between wheels for a tighter turning and smoother till Durable cast aluminum gear drive transmission with brass gear Removable outer tine shields and outer tines allow tilling in tight spaces, while maintaining visibility of the working area Handlebar-mounted throttle control Three-position, adjustable-height, bicycle-style handle bars for added control Viper 98cc engine Tilling Width: 11", 16", or 21" Tilling Depth: 11" Tine Speed: 200 RPM max