Earthquake 12802 Viper Manual Start Cultivator

By Earthquake



Viper Manual Start Cultivator The Earthquake MC440 4-Cycle Cultivator is a garden superstar when it comes to weeding, working in fertilizer or aerating soil. Convenient & Quiet - Requires no mixing of oil and fuel Stand-Up Starting - Start and stop comfortably from behind the handlebars without bending over Long-Lasting - Superior air filter design keeps engine-damaging dirt outside of the engine and in the garden Handle bar design and configuration means improved maneuverability, better digging and minimal bouncing Variable speed control provides the versatility to till in a wide range of soil conditions, and the flexibility to cultivate slowly around delicate plants Reversible tines for cultivating and aggressive digging Durable, solid bronze gear drive for smooth operation and long transmission life Adjustable wheels lift and lock out of the way for unobstructed cultivating, and they lower for easy transport Tilling Width: 6", 10" Tilling Depth: 8" Tine Speed: 250 RPM Gear Ratio: 32:1