Paula Deen 58583 Spring Medley Salt and Pepper Shakers

By Paula Deen



Spring Medley Salt and Pepper ShakersThis charming and durable porcelain salt and pepper shaker set is perfect when guests are gathered around the table for a special occasion, or for bringing a hint of Southern charm to a quiet meal during the week. The Spring Medley is a wonderful way to bring a bit of springtime to the table, no matter what time of year it is.These whimsical Spring Medley bird salt and pepper shakers will be a hit when the family gathers for holidays or when guests visit for a casual lunch on the porch. These bluebird shakers are a fun and memorable way for everyone to add that extra dash of salt or pepper at the table. The bird salt and pepper shakers can also be displayed as eye-catching figurines, and they make an ideal gift for anyone who has a soft spot for our feathered friends.The salt and pepper shakers' fun and elegant pattern is perfect for formal entertaining or more relaxed mealsThe durable salt and pepper shakers can be used daily without worryThese whimsical salt and pepper shakers double as display pieces to add Southern flair to any kitchen or dining room