Anolon 57776 Advanced Bakeware Cooling Grid

By Anolon



Advanced Bakeware

Length: 17in
Width: 11in

Advanced Bakeware Cooling Grid From warm chocolate chip cookies to flaky cheddar scones, accurate measurements and the right tools make for successful baking. One tool experienced bakers know they can’t live without is a cooling rack. This Anolon cooling grid improves upon conventional cooling rack construction with its lattice design. On traditional cooling racks, baked goods can slip through the spaces between rungs but, with a grid, cookies, tarts or muffins stay put on top of the rack where they belong. Another added bonus is the grid’s ample size, which allows whole cakes and pies to cool with plenty of space. Plus with long-lasting nonstick, delectable treats lift off easily when they’re ready to be enjoyed. Cooling grid is designed to make baking easier and more efficient, while measuring up to the high standards of serious bakers. Constructed of steel wire, this Anolon® Advanced Bakeware cooling grid resists warping. The durable nonstick surface provides optimum food release for elegant presentation and easy cleaning. The grid is designed with feet to elevate baked goods off countertops and speed up the cooling process