Xpower P-830H 3 Speed Air Mover and Carpet Dryer

By Xpower



Cord Length: 240in
Height: 18.7in
Length: 15.9in
Width: 18.7in
Weight: 25lbs

1 HP, 3600 CFM, 3 Speeds Commercial and Professional Air Mover & Carpet Dryer The XPOWER P-830H is the most powerful, lightweight, compact, energy-efficient and cost effective multipurpose air mover and dryer in its class. The 4-position capability of the P-830H helps you to dry carpets, floors, freshly-painted walls, water damaged ceilings and large areas quickly and effectively. Its wheels and luggage handle allows the blower to be moved and transferred to places easily. Motor: 1 HP Rated / Tested Airflow: 3600 / 3100 CFM RPM: 1200 / 1350 / 1500 Positions: 0° / 20° Kickstand / 45° / 90°