Verilux VA05WW1 Rise & Shine Natural Wake Up Light

By Verilux



Height: 12in
Length: 9in
Width: 6in
Weight: 2.4lbs

Unlike the sudden jolt of an alarm clock, the natural sunrise of the Rise and Shine won't disrupt the last stages of sleep. Awaken peacefully, rested, revitalized and ready to start your day. The Sleep Mode Feature simulates the setting of the sun by gradually dimming the light and allowing you to fall asleep gradually and peacefully. The Rise and Shine is a radio, natural alarm clock, dawn and dusk simulator and lamp that wakes you gently just as nature intended. Choose from four soundscapes or your favorite FM station to accompany your wake-up program. Wake mode progressively brightens the light prior to waking Sleep mode feature gradually dims the light over your choice of 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes Offers four preloaded natural spa soundscapes