Hallcrest PHT901-01 Household Tool Kit

By Hallcrest



BackToFront: 0.75in
Height: 9in
Length: 0.75in
Width: 6.5in
Weight: 1.8lbs

Hallcrest Household Tool Kit Hallcrest Household Tool Kit is a must have for every household. This inexpensive 5 piece value pack tool kit contains easy to use, energy monitoring tools that can save you money, insure that you never run out of propane again and test all those batteries that may or may not be any good. • Easy to use monitoring tools • Includes: Home Energy Efficiency thermometer, Propane Gas Level Indicator, Household Battery Tester • Home Energy Efficiency Thermometer: designed to not only save money but insure that food is refrigerated and frozen at the proper temperature and hot water is at a safe (prevent scalding) and cost efficient temperature. • Propane Gas Level Indicator: perfect for BBQ, Boat and RV use; it is magnetic, reusable and will automatically tell you if you are running low on propane. • Household Battery Tester: thin flexible strip (packaged in a convenient vinyl storage pouch) that lights up to indicate battery strength and will last for years.