Vacucraft VC-091 5-Piece Economical Vacuum Food Container Set

By Vacucraft



5-Piece Vacuum Food Container Set This versatile 5-Piece Set offers all the benefits of Vacucraft containers at a reduced price. Ideal for home, school, or travel use. These multipurpose containers provide the best value for your money. Microwaveable (do not microwave the lids) Dishwasher safe Vacuum sealing preserves foods longer and helps retain natural moisture and flavor Vacuum sealing also reduces marinating times Set Includes: Small: 0.3 Liters / 1.2 Cups Medium: 0.6 Liters / 2.5 Cups Large: 0.9 Liters / 3.8 Cups Extra Large: 1.2 Liters / 5 Cups Hand Pump for Vacuum Sealing FOOD PRESERVATION TIMES Food Ordinary Containers Vacucraft Soup 2-3 Days 8-10 Days Vegetables & Fruits 1-2 Days 6-10 Days Meat 2 Days 4-5 Days Pasta 120 Days Over 1 Year Biscuits/Cookies 2-3 Days 23-25 Days Nuts 5-8 Days 25-30 Days Coffee 5-7 Days 25-30 Days Rice and Tea 180 Days Over 1 Year MARINATING TIMES Food Ordinary Containers Vacucraft Beef or Pork, Diced/Chopped 2-4 Hours 45-60 Minutes Beef or Pork, Whole Roast 4-6 Hours/Overnight 2-3 Hours Poultry, Fillets or Wings 2-4 Hours 45 Minutes Poultry, Whole Roast 4-6 Hours/Overnight 2-3 Hours Fish, Whole or Fillets 2-4 Hours 1-2 Hours