Most pranksters will tell you that the best gags are the ones with a thread of truth in them: The more believable the joke, the more forceful the punch line.

Sometimes, though, it can work the other way, too, and the more unbelievable a thing is the more potential it has to surprise and entertain. But, what really takes the cake is when something is completely real, yet totally unbelievable – like this stuff right here.

We wouldn’t call these gag gifts, necessarily, but we do think they’re fitting for an April Fool’s surprise.

Handy Hands3D hands sculpture

Sneakily mounting this wall sculpture in place of the bathrobe hook would be an awesome gag, but beyond that it’s hard to imagine a place where these hands wouldn’t look fantastic. The kitchen? The bedroom? You really can’t miss – good for a chuckle and for holding your keys.

Darth BreatherStar Wars USB Hub

Star Wars knickknacks should never be fodder for gags, but when it’s a USB hub that breathes like Darth Vader when you plug things into it – well, it goes on the list. Thankfully, you can switch off the Dark Lord’s evil wheeze, but not before it gets in your head forever. Hawwwww … perrrrrr …

Comb of Deathhair brush knife

Definitely something Vader would carry if his coiffure wasn’t bulletproof, this hairbrush knife (yeah, that’s right) is actually no joke. The dagger, which is concealed within a real, working brush, is injection-molded with a crazy-strong composite called Zytel – a real barrel of laughs!

Doubtful Chefappliance decals  

The privilege of appliance décor is often reserved for kids, but some people enjoy using magnetic appliance art. No problem there, and hopefully this nervous-looking chef will inspire more confidence in the kitchen. He seems surprised to be holding a salad, which is the kind of laugh some of us could use when the bread doesn’t rise. hopes that your April Fools’ Day is a happy and harmless one.